About Me

My name is Nichola and I have been teaching Primary school aged children for 10 years. Before this, I have worked as an Assistant Psychologist, Behaviour Therapist, Play Leader and Teaching Assistant. I also discovered the power of yoga, shortly after the birth of my first son 6 years ago. Yoga helped me to overcome problems with anxiety after a very traumatic birthing experience and helped me to cope in the early days of motherhood. Practising yoga has completely changed my life and allowed me to find balance in life. Like so many others, I have found huge benefits to practising yoga. So why wouldn’t children find these benefits too?

There is now very little room in the Curriculum for children to adequately develop their physical skills (balance, strength, coordination, etc) and allow for their personal development (confidence, self-awareness, creativity, etc). In addition to this, there is no time for children to just relax and take time out from the busyness of modern life. Often, after a mentally taxing day at school, children are rushed off to other high energy extra-curricular activities. This constant activity, can and does lead to overworked and overstimulated children (and parents!).

Yoga for children is a fantastic way for them to unwind and de-stress, whilst also developing their physical skills and allowing them space to build self-esteem, confidence, awareness of themselves and empathy for others. Yoga for children is also fun and builds lifelong friendships. I believe so strongly in the power of yoga that I have left a successful teaching career to spread the word and get more of our children involved in this wonderful and ancient practice. Children are natural yogis, so let them try a class today!

For your peace of mind, I am also…

  • Fully insured
  • DBS checked
  • First Aid Trained